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About Us

We are committed to clean, sustainable growing practices


The modern food system relies on importing food from other regions and countries. How the food is grown and produced is an unknown factor. People are becoming more aware of the issues associated with unknown food production and distribution methods. Derber would like to be able to provide a year round sustainable food product that lets you know how your food is grown. 

At Derber Greens, we like to use modern technology and old fashioned common sense to produce a clean fresh product. These processes include closed-loop hydroponic  systems using organic seeds, fertilizers and growing media with no pesticides or herbicides. Growing nutritious food responsibly and efficiently all year round is our main goal.


What We Do

Derber Greens is located in northern Randolph County, North Carolina.  The goal is to produce fresh, local, high quality microgreens, edible flowers, tomatoes and herbs that are sustainable all year long. 


Spicy Micro Mix - blend of red and green mustards.

Red Veined Sorrel - Bright-green leaves with contrasting dark maroon stems and veins add color and tart taste.

Red Rambo Radish 

Garnet Mustard - Broad purple leaves with slightly toothed margins. Color appears early on young leaves. Mild flavor.

Barbarossa Deep red, toothed leaves with light-green stems.

Red Cabbage  Dark-green, glossy leaves with purple vein and leaf margin.

Sisho - Perilla The flavor is somewhere between mint and basil with hints of anise and cinnamon

Borage The flavor is very similar to cucumbers with a fresh planty bitterness that will add depth to salads and sandiches!

Basil - Lemon, Italian , Opal Basil

Fennel - Bronze and Green

Other micros are producible upon request.


Basil - Classic Italian variety. 

Lemon Basil - Sweet and tangy lemon basil. 

Purple Basil - Similar flavor to Genovese, just a different color.


Lemon Balm - sweet, lemon-mint scent and flavor, the fresh leaves of lemon balm are used in herbal teas and to flavor seafood and salad dishes.

Edible Flowers

Pansy and Viola - Decorative and edible garnish for salads and desserts with slight wintergreen flavor.


Borage - Edible blue borage flowers add beauty to the plate along with mild cucumber flavoring. Great in cocktails, deviled eggs.

Calendula - Brilliant orange and yellow large flowers with many long petals. Mild flavor with a touch of tartness. Add excitement to desserts and even main courses. Use whole or take apart petals and mix into salads for splash of color.

​Nasturtium - Sharp peppery flavor. Leaves and flowers are edible. Great with fish, meat and salads.


Farmstead Blend

This product is available at the Corner  Farmers Market on Saturdays, 8 am - Noon,  2105 W Market St, Greensboro, NC 27403. Preorders are available at the drive thru in the Lindley Station parking lot, just across from the Corner Market.

Shop all vendors at the 
Corner Farmer's Marlet

Farmstead Blend is a peppery mix of everything .  Expect a little of items listed below:


Spicy Blend - A colorful blend of red and green mustards with various textures.

Basil, Genovese - Shiny green leaves, traditional basil flavor.

Basil, Opal - Mostly purple leaves with 10% variegated, or green leaves. Adds robust, sweet-and-spicy flavor and visual interest

Borage -  Mild cucumber flavor. Broad, thick green leaves

Red Cabbage - Dark-green, glossy leaves with purple vein and leaf margin.

Red Rambo Radish - Mildly spicy, dark-purple stems and leaves. The microgreen is substantial and very crunchy

Ruby Giant– Purple and Green leaves with a red blush.

Barbarossa - Deep red, toothed leaves with light-green stems. Mild mustard flavor

Red Veined Sorrel - Bright lemon flavor and distinctive red veins.

Purple Kohlrabi - Purple stems and dark-green leaves with a purple tint. Mild cabbage flavor.

Purple Sisho - The flavor is somewhere between mint and basil with hints of anise and cinnamon. These leaves are larger and are placed whole in the container. It can be used as a sushi wrap, as a garnish or in a fruit or green salad.





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