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We are committed to clean, sustainable growing practices

Derber Greens is located in northern Randolph County, North Carolina.  The goal is to produce fresh, local, high quality microgreens and edible flowers in a sustainable manner all year long. 

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are tiny plants, that are cut as the first two ‘true’ leaves of the plant emerge. They are nutrient rich and add flavor, crunch and color to anything.


How we grow...


Microgreens are grown inside in a closed loop hydroponic system. Seeds are sown on a substrate and water recirculates under the plants, there is no dirt in the system.  Pesticides are never used.  All microgreens is grown in a tray and cut fresh on the day they are delivered.

Where Do We Supply?


We deliver weekly to personal chefs, individuals, restaurants, country clubs, cocktail bars in the greater Greensboro, Winston, High Point NC area. If you want delivery of micros or edible flowers, please drop us an email or call 336-908-4549. Contact information is on the contact page. For personal use, you can preorder on the What's Good app and pick up on Saturday mornings from 8-noon, 2105 W. Market Street, Greensboro, NC. Or you can stop by the booth and chat.

Derber Greens is a provider of hydroponic microgreens, edible flowers, black garlic and fruit jams.
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